Yoga - sticky mat, yoga strap, yoga blocks
Pilates - thick yoga mat or exercise mat, theraband
Fitness Training - an in-building gym, or an in-home cardio machine (treadmill, elliptical,etc.), exercise mat, theraband, small weights
Thai Yoga - soft mat, or thick blanket to lay on the floor

*If you do not have the above props, they will be provided by LUMINOUSbody.

For all sessions you can wear comfortable, loose fitting clothes. Shorts or short pants, and bare feet are recommended for yoga. Please do not eat a heavy meal for at least two hours before a yoga lesson. If you must eat, you may have something light, like fruit or nuts. Lessons are private or semi-private, which can be shared by your spouse, a relative, or a friend. Rates vary according to the amount of people in class and how many lessons you receive per week. For rate quotes, please contact Jennifer at luminousbody@mac.com or 917.833.6674.

*Due to allergies, please let us know if you have pets.